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Air Duct Cleaning in Delray Beach

You dust, and dust again, but have you considered the dust in your home that you cannot see? If you have a central air system, dust and much more can lurk in the ductwork where you can’t see it, and can’t get to it with conventional dusting. If you notice that you have been experiencing allergies, or you have asthma that has been agitated, it may be time to schedule a professional ac duct cleaning.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts in Delray Beach?

You should schedule your air duct cleaning to take place every three to five years. If you have multiple pets, if someone in your house smokes, or if you have one or more people who routinely suffer from allergies, then you should have them cleaned closer to the three-year timeframe to make sure that the air you and your family are breathing is clean. If it has been more than five years since your last air duct cleaning, then it is time to schedule a visit. If you recently moved into a new home and don’t know the condition of your ducts, then by the same token you should schedule a cleaning.

A Little Dust Doesn’t Sound So Bad, Why Do I Need to Schedule A Cleaning?

Most dust in the average home is made up of skin cells from humans and pets, but far more than that can get stuck in your HVAC ducts. Viruses, bacteria, insects, and their droppings, rodent feces, and pollen are just some of the things that can build up in your air system when it has not been cleaned in a while, and they can cause serious health problems for the people living in your home.  

This gets even worse if you have people who smoke within the home because the tarry residue of cigarette smoke makes it easier for the contaminants to stick to the insides of the air ducts. That is in addition to the agitating compounds in cigarette smoke itself that are recirculated by the air system when the house is sealed up and you are running the heater or air conditioner.

Get AC Duct Cleaning in Delray Beach, South Florida with Aztil Air Conditioning

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