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Air Duct Cleaning in Jupiter

How long has it been since you scheduled an ac duct cleaning? You should make sure that every three to five years you have a professional come and clean your HVAC system to make sure that you have the cleanest air possible. If you recently purchased your home, or you can’t remember the last time you arranged for someone to come out and clean your system, then it may be time to call someone out.

Why Do I Need to Clean My AC Ducts in Jupiter?

The air in your home can carry far more pollutants than the air outside. That is because when you have the windows closed and the air system running, either heating or cooling your home, the air inside is constantly recirculated through your filters and ducts. Debris can build up inside those ducts and will get blown back out into your home when the system starts up.

What Is in My Air?

Any air system can become contaminated by bacteria, viruses, insects, and their droppings, rodent droppings, pollen, and fabric fibers. If you have pets, then their hair and dander join the mix. If you or a family member smoke in the house, then the byproducts of the smoke can end up in your ducts as well. Cigarette smoke, in particular, causes extra problems because it forms a sticky residue for other pollutants to stick to and clog up the air ducts.

But What About My Air Filters?

Most people don’t change their air filters often enough to significantly improve their air quality. In the average single-family home, the air filters should be changed quarterly. Add pets or smoking, and the air filters would need to be changed on a monthly basis in order to keep up with the demands of cleaning the air before it enters the ducts. Because most people allow their filters to go six months to a year without being changed, they become clogged by dust, hair, and other particles. Even with regular filter changes, there is no way to prevent contaminants from ending up in your air system, and periodic air duct cleaning is necessary to keep your air supply healthy.

Get AC Duct Cleaning in Jupiter, South Florida with Aztil Air Conditioning

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