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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Boynton Beach

Spring has sprung, and that means the hot months of Summer are right around the corner. You’ve started new seeds for the garden, but have you made your annual air conditioning maintenance appointment in Boyton Beach yet? Having an air conditioning maintenance technician come to look at your air conditioner every year before it’s in heavy use is the best way to avoid expensive surprises later on when emergency repairs may be needed.

Why Do I Need Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Just like with your car, having someone familiar with AC systems look at your system regularly is the best way to assess the overall condition and current state of wear and tear. Your auto mechanic will tell you that you need to replace a belt before it breaks and leaves you stranded. Your AC maintenance tech will tell you that the coolant line is old and in danger of breaking before you leak refrigerant into the rest of your unit.

Can’t I Do It Myself?

In the age of the internet and DIY, it is tempting to undertake AC maintenance by yourself, but there are only a few things you can really do without the help of a professional. You can clean the filter and make sure that there is no yard waste and debris blocking the unit. Yet, you want an experienced AC maintenance person to inspect the components that can damage other things inside your air conditioner if they fail, particularly the coolant system.

The technician will also inspect the electrical components such as the capacitors and contactors, which ensure that the unit turns on when the thermostat triggers the need for cooling. The air conditioning uses a lot of power, and you could damage the unit or injure yourself if you do something wrong while trying to fix something. Do not attempt to access these components yourself. If you have any concerns about the state of the equipment inside your unit, make sure your air conditioning maintenance technician performs these inspections. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want to know more about what goes on inside the air conditioner to keep you cool during the summer.

Get AC Maintenance in Boynton Beach, South Florida with Aztil

Aztil Air Conditioning serves southern Florida. Our motto is “To Keep Florida Cool.” If you live in Boynton Beach then look no further for your AC maintenance needs. A family-owned and operated Aztil Air Conditioning, the customer is part of the family and we cater to YOU! We provide each of our valued customers with unlimited service calls, and we never charge any extra fees, even if it is after hours, on a holiday, or on a weekend.

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