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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Jupiter

Having an air conditioner in Florida is a matter of basic survival. If you have ever had a unit go out on you, then you know the scramble it can be to find someone to do AC maintenance before the heat and humidity starts to eat away at your sanity.

Because of this, you have made sure to keep up on your annual AC maintenance, right? If not, then now is the time to tackle scheduling an appointment with an AC technician so you don’t have to worry when the really hot months come along.

Having a professional come to inspect your unit in the spring can save you a costly repair down the line and make sure your system is in good working order.

What will they inspect?

There are key portions of air conditioning maintenance that your technician will perform. They will check to make sure your filters are clean, your drain line is clear, and that the coolant system is intact and fully charged with refrigerant. There are some specialized parts in your AC unit that you cannot service yourself, unlike the filter and drain line, and your professional will look at those systems during your AC maintenance visit.

Coils, Coils, Coils

The evaporator coil, compressor, and condenser coil are the powerhouse of your air conditioner. No AC maintenance visit would be complete without a thorough inspection of those components. Malfunctions with any of those parts can lead to icing inside the unit, which means a replacement of the affected part is required because iced over parts will not provide cooling to your home.

Electrical Systems

Inside your AC unit, there are components called capacitors, which help balance the load when your unit pulls in a lot of power to start its cooling cycle. Compromised capacitors can lead to problems in the rest of the unit, or cause you to blow a fuse. An air conditioning maintenance technician will inspect the capacitors to wear to ensure that your unit is functioning properly and will be able to handle the stresses put on it during the long, hot summer ahead.

Get AC Maintenance in Jupiter, South Florida with Aztil Air Conditioning

Aztil Air Conditioning services Jupiter and all of southern Florida. Our motto is “To Keep Florida Cool.” If you live in Jupiter, then look no further for your AC maintenance needs. A family-owned and operated Aztil Air Conditioning, you are part of the family, and we cater to YOU! We provide each of our valued customers with unlimited service calls, and we never charge any extra fees, even if it is after hours, on a holiday, or on a weekend.

Take the time to be good to your AC system. Don’t hesitate to call Aztil Air Conditioning at 888-729-8452 if you need air conditioning maintenance in Jupiter, Florida. Aztil Air Conditioning is here to help you keep your cool in the midst of an air conditioning meltdown. If you have questions about air conditioning maintenance, then we are ready to answer.

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