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Air Conditioning Repair in Boynton Beach

It would be the perfect time to sit on the porch with a nice glass of lemonade if it weren’t already hot and humid outside. Spring is a fleeting thing in southern Florida, and the long hot Summer will be upon us before we know it. Air conditioning is one of those things that makes life just a bit more comfortable during those long, sticky days. But when your unit goes out or doesn’t seem to be able to keep pace with the required cooling, it may be time to call in someone to perform AC repair.

How Do I Know When to Call for Help?

You should call a professional to perform AC repair any time that the problem is not immediately visible to you as the consumer. Tripped breaker? You can fix that. Dirty filter? You can fix that. Even something a little more complex like clearing a clogged drain line to make sure the condensation doesn’t back up is a fix that can be undertaken by you, the homeowner.

All that being said, if you see any icing on the unit, or you still cannot diagnose what is wrong, then it is time to call in an experienced technician to perform air conditioning repair. Never attempt to take the unit apart to try and perform your own air conditioning repair.

Why Won’t My Unit Cool My House Like It Used To?

There are several reasons why your unit could be falling down on the job. The coolant system could need a recharge of refrigerant to generate the cool air that blows into your home. Or, a bad capacitor could be allowing the blower fan to turn on without engaging the compressor to cool the air.

Also, keep in mind that air conditioners are only intended to create a 20-25 degree difference from the exterior temperature. If your thermostat is in the path of sunlight, this could contribute to your cooling issues as well. If you have checked to make sure your thermostat is set to an appropriate temperature and there is nothing interfering with the reading, then it is time to call for AC repair.

Get AC Repair in Boynton Beach, South Florida with Aztil Air Conditioning

Aztil Air Conditioning serves Boynton Beach and all of southern Florida. Our motto is “To Keep Florida Cool,” and if you live in Boynton Beach then look no further for your AC repair needs. A family-owned and operated Aztil Air Conditioning, the customer is part of the family. We cater to YOU! We provide each of our valued customers with unlimited service calls, and we never charge any extra fees, even if it is after hours, on a holiday, or on a weekend.

Beat the heat! Don’t hesitate to call Aztil Air Conditioning at 888-729-8452 if you need air conditioning repair in Boynton Beach, Florida. Aztil Air Conditioning is here to help you keep your cool in the midst of an air conditioning meltdown. If you have questions about air conditioning repair, then we are ready to answer.