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Air Conditioning Repair in Delray Beach

The days are getting longer, and that also means that they are getting hotter. As we approach the hot summer months, the last thing you want to have happened is for your air conditioning system to go out on you. Unfortunately, however, that can happen from time to time. But we all know that, in Florida, having a working air conditioner can be the next thing to food and water in terms of survival throughout the summer. If you find yourself with a unit that won’t turn on or a unit that won’t cool your home, you may need to call for professional AC repair for your home in Delray Beach.

How Will I Know I Need A Professional?

Even though it would be great to be able to fix some AC unit issues by ourselves, unfortunately, there are only a few times when a self-maintenance solution will do the trick for your air conditioning unit. If the unit will not turn on, you can inspect the cords to make sure it is plugged in, and you can check the fuse box to make sure none of the breakers have tripped.

That said, if you cannot identify a problem, the wisest course of action is to call for AC repair. We strongly recommend that you do not try to take your unit apart and that you do not perform your own air conditioning repair. A lot of power flows through your AC unit, and you can hurt yourself or cause damage to the systems if you do not have experience with those types of components.

Identifying the AC Problem

When inspecting your AC unit, know that there are a number of reasons why your unit may not turn on. Those reasons could include a bad capacitor that is preventing the electrical current from getting to where it needs to go.  That would be a clear situation that, without question, requires professional AC repair.

If your unit turns on but it is not blowing any cold air, then that could be the fault of a capacitor too. The issue could be that the capacitor lets the blower fan turn on, but the components doing the cooling are not appropriately engaged. In turn, lack of cooling could be caused by a more serious issue like a bad compressor, or a leak in the coolant system. You could also simply need the refrigerant to be recharged to regain your cooling. An air conditioning repair technician servicing Delray Beach will be able to identify which of those components is causing the issue.

Get AC Repair in Delray Beach, South Florida with Aztil Air Conditioning

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