• types of air conditioners

    8 Types of Air Conditioners (2021 Buying Guide)

    When it’s time to buy an air conditioner, you need to make an informed decision. It cannot be based on what takes your fancy. You have to understand your home, its size, and peculiarities and then choose the one that meets all the pertinent details. Remember, there is something available for every home and budget.

  • AC Installation

    Why Is Professional AC Installation So Important?

    Modern-day air conditioning systems are very different from what was available in the past. In the times gone by, people did not pay much attention to things like efficiency and capacity. You either had a sound system that provided sufficient cooling or had a system that was a waste of money because it presented high

  • air conditioning

    What Is The Difference Between Air Conditioning And Refrigeration?

    Air conditioning and refrigeration are often thought of as one and the same thing. Since the two work on the same principle of providing cooling, making this assumption is not off the mark. Nevertheless, the two differ. Their concept might be the same, but the way in which they work are different. The air conditioner

  • air conditioning

    Does Air Conditioning Make You Sick? Here’s The Truth

    Often you will hear statements like, “I switched on the air conditioner, and I caught a cold.” Does that mean that air conditioning can make you sick? Well, that’s what we are going to help you figure out today. Can The Air Conditioner Make You Sick? An air conditioner that is well taken care of,

  • inverter AC or non-inverter AC

    Inverter AC Or Non-Inverter AC: Which Is The Best

    During summers staying cool and comfortable is a top priority for everyone. To that effect, one tends to run the AC full blast to make indoors soothing and relaxing. You barely turn it off, fearing the heat will make things unbearable. Nonetheless, you are still not prepared to handle the steep hike in the energy

  • HVAC membership plans

    Why Are HVAC Membership Plans Valuable

    You take care of your health because you want to stay fit. To do so, you book timely doctor appointments in which tests are carried out to ensure that everything is as it should be. If an anomaly is detected, treatment is given to bring things back under control.

  • changing your air filter

    Why Changing Your Air Filter is Important

    An essential part of every HVAC system is the air filter. Sadly, it is also the most ignored part. Since most heating and cooling system problems find their roots in a dirty air filter, we thought it’s time to brush up some basics. So, for those who are completely unaware of the importance of changing

  • ductless system tune-up

    Air Conditioning Maintenance: Does Your Ductless System Need a Tune-Up

    People everywhere want to save money. The best way to do so, according to most, is by doing away with maintenance or tune-up. If the air conditioning system is working fine, why bother with it and waste money? One can always put that money to good use elsewhere. Seldom do they realize the folly of

  • Air Conditioner

    Is Humidity Hurting My Air Conditioner?

    Summers are mostly hot and scorching but adding humidity to the mix makes things unbearable. If you thought that high humidity is bad for your health only, here’s another thought for you. It’s equally worse for the air conditioner and other appliances in the home. Were you aware of this fact? If not, this article

  • air conditioning installation

    5 Tips for Quality Air Conditioning Installation

    The air conditioner is purchased and is sitting in its crisp new packaging. Phew! One big task over with. What a relief. Now it’s time for installation, but no Tom, Dick, and Harry will do because this process is equally critical. As a homeowner, you have to blankly rely on the expertise of the installation

  • buying a new air conditioner

    What to Know Before Buying a New Air Conditioner?

    Buying a new air conditioner is not as simple as picking whatever takes your fancy. It is a calculated decision based on a lot of pertinent information. If you choose wisely, you will have years of hassle-free comfort. Nevertheless, with the wrong decision, you will be in a financial soup. If the time has come

  • Ductless system

    Reasons Why to Go Ductless in 2021

    This new year switching to a smart heating and cooling system is the way to go. Ductless systems happen to be the best, no-fuss option in terms of making any closed space comfortable. It is reliable, energy-efficient, and above all, does away with the headache of installing ducts or maintaining the existing ones. Ideal for

  • furnace blowing cold air

    Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

    The last thing you need on any cold winter day or night is a furnace blowing cold air. It is a definitive sign that something in your heating system is not working as it should. So should you panic? Most definitely not. Several reasons contribute to such a malfunction, but thankfully most of them are

  • Wi-fi thermostat

    Could A Wi-fi Thermostat Improve Your Home Heat

    Many people assume it is the heater that is solely responsible for providing warmth indoors. Rarely do they ever realize that the heating system cannot work on its own unless it has a reliable thermostat to guide it. In the absence of the thermostat, the heater will not know when to kick in and shut

  • heater noise

    Why Is Your Heater Making That Noise?

    Heating systems are rarely ever completely silent. But that does not mean one should ignore all the sounds coming from it. Where some sounds are normal, all are not. Therefore, every homeowner should pay attention to those sounds that are different from the ones that it usually makes. To make things simple, we shall discuss

  • AC air filter

    Have You Checked Your AC Air Filter Yet

    The air filter in your air conditioner is not a useless component, as most of you may think. It is a critical component in maintaining indoor air quality. If you happen to be one of those who don’t really care about the type of air you and your family members breathe, yes, it may seem

  • thermostat upgrade

    Do You Need A Thermostat Upgrade?

    The heart of a good heating and cooling system is the thermostat. It sends a signal to the HVAC unit to begin treating the indoor air. Once the requisite temperature is achieved, it communicates with the system to stop the heating or cooling. When the indoor temperature drops or increases, it starts the cycle all

  • heating repair services

    Heating Repair Services For Your Garage Heater

    There was a time when heating the garage was of the least importance. When you don’t spend enough time there, then why waste time heating it? But as people started using the garage for different activities like pursuing their hobbies, they started spending more and more time there. This was when the need for heating

  • air conditioning repair service

    5 Facts About Air Conditioning Repair Services You Should Read

    The importance of a working air conditioner can truly be appreciated by those who live in a hot and humid environment. Whenever there is an AC problem, it disrupts your entire schedule. At such moments one is in dire straits and needs the help of reliable air conditioning repair services. It is important to identify

  • thermostat saves money

    Which Thermostat Saves Money – Programmable Or Non-Programmable

    The thermostat is a critical component of every HVAC system. It tells the air conditioner and the furnace when to work and how much to work. The variety of thermostats available today all serve the same purpose of making your indoor space comfortable. But there is one more thing that every homeowner or building manager