Maintenance Contracts


  • ductless mini split AC

    Seeing ice in summer may be a pleasing thought, but if that ice is on your air conditioner, you are in for some uncomfortable times. As it is, anything with electricity and water (even frozen) is not an ideal situation. Therefore, your safety and that of the cooling equipment become a top priority. The best

  • HEPA filters

    Many of us suffer from allergies. Some from everyday things like dust and pollen, while others are sensitive to certain foods, fumes, etc. These people have not given up on life but learned to live with their sensitivity. They avoid places, foods, and sometimes even everyday things like perfumes and deodorants to keep their allergies

  • benefits of ductwork cleaning

    Most American homes have comprehensive ductwork to allow their central heating and cooling system to maintain an ideal indoor temperature. These ducts are responsible for circulating the treated air throughout the home (supply ducts) and carrying the warm air to the AC to cool it once again (return air ducts). Circulating Air Is Not Always

  • schedule a maintenance check today

    HVAC maintenance is a sore point with a majority of the people. They think, “what is the need for one when everything is working fine? The technician will point out other things that are not right with the unit. Maintenance is just their way of minting more money from unsuspecting homeowners.” First and foremost, we

  • should I clean the regular ac duct or not?

    If your goal is to have a home that feels nice and looks clean, you can’t forget about the AC ducts. Although you can’t see inside them, it does not mean you can overlook them. What hides inside their length and breadth is a matter of guesswork. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be off the mark if you were,

  • where should I place the thermostat in my south florida home?

    When it comes to the efficient working of a central heating and cooling system, even small details matter. One such minor detail is the placement of the thermostat. Paying attention to its positioning is vital as the thermostat plays a major role in communicating your temperature needs to the HVAC system. An incorrect location will

  • how buying a new ac can help homeowners save money?

    Are you tired of the high energy bills or over-the-top AC repair expenses? It’s time to take matters into your hands and stop being a victim of circumstances. What you need is a new AC. Yes, you heard us correct, and no, we haven’t lost our mind. It is true a new AC will not

  • aztil air conditioning

    In summers, there’s nothing better and more comforting than an air-conditioned house or space. Thankfully, modern-day HVAC systems or central heating and cooling systems are capable of cooling the complete home. These units are relatively expensive and, when buying, may require careful financial planning. Some people find these systems over

  • evaporator coil

    The air conditioner is a complex system of different components that work together to cool the indoor space. With so many things going into making one, it is difficult to learn about them all. But one critical component of every AC is the evaporator coil. It also happens to be one part directly responsible for the cold air that blows indoors.

  • smart thermostat

    Some of you might feel like scoffing at the idea of engaging the services of an electrician to install a smart thermostat. Well, first off, everybody is not comfortable tackling such jobs, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution. It’s wise to ask for help when you know your knowledge and

  • Clean Central Air Ducts

    The desire to have an immaculate and spotless home is becoming strong amongst the masses. It’s not as if the urge was not there earlier. It was limited to things that we or the others could see. Sadly, there are also parts and portions of the abode that are hidden from view. These are the

  • ac duct cleaning

    Are you fed up with cleaning the house frequently and still find it dirty as before? We don’t blame you for getting frustrated. It is a tedious job, one in which you would rather indulge just once a month. Despite the thorough cleaning regime you follow, if your house still looks dirty, it’s because maybe the dirt is coming from inside the ducts. 

  • AC Freezing Up

    Ice in summers seems to be a godsend. But ice on your AC or the freezing of AC is a sign of trouble. Don’t ever assume a frozen AC will cool your home better. It will only dig deeper holes in your pocket in the form of high energy bills and expensive repairs. However, it happens only if you ignore the problem while it is still in its infancy.

  • AC Service

    An HVAC system means comfort. But this comfort comes at a price, which is all about taking care of the unit, and once in a while, it may even consist of installation or replacement. These services have one thing in common: the “AC service call fee.” Do you know what it is and how it

  • Air Conditioner

    The last thing anyone wants to face during summer is an AC breakdown or when it just flat out refuses to turn on. Unfortunately, these things do happen and leave us in a spin. The good news is that you can avoid most of these issues with timely AC maintenance. If you believe that to

  • Air Conditioning

    During summers, most AC problems start when we are caught unaware and unprepared. The key to having an easy time during the hot weather is to be prepared for it. While transitioning from heating to cooling, remember that your AC has been shut for a long time. Instead of just switching it on, crossing your

  • smart thermostats worth it?

    Technological advances happen in all fields. The HVAC industry, too, has made tremendous refinements and made our lives easier. One such improvement was the advent of smart thermostats. Although many naysayers claimed it to be an expensive and useless device, yet more and more people are now shifting to them. Obviously, there is something special

  • HVAC membership

    Most American homes and commercial places have a central heating and cooling system. There was a time when these systems were a luxury, but now they are necessary. The control one can exercise in this manner over the indoor climate has proved to be highly beneficial. It keeps the occupants comfortable. They are happy and

  • Air Ducts

    Your home’s air conditioner will perform better with frequent maintenance like your car, washing machine, or any major appliance. Air duct cleaning is one of the primary services to consider to ensure your HVAC system’s longevity.  Any HVAC system gets contaminated with frequent everyday use despite routinely replacing filters. Unfortunately, your air ducts are a

  • AC Repair

    One of the most common questions every homeowner struggles to answer is whether they should repair or replace their AC. This article goes over how you can decide which direction you need to go following a malfunctioning AC unit. Some conditions may warrant a small repair and cleaning, whereas others may demand a more extensive