Maintenance Contracts


  • AC vent leaking water

    Nothing can ruin a good day like noticing yellowing or water damage on your ceiling near your AC vents.  The first thing you might think is something like ‘’my ceiling is now ruined, I should call a painter’’. Water damage and mold should be the last of your worries, though. The more pressing concern is

  • AC making hissing noises

    Newer AC units are surprisingly quiet compared to some older models that sound like an airplane taking off. However, if you expect your air conditioner to operate silently, you might have unrealistic expectations.  As with any other piece of equipment, noise is pretty much normal. Nevertheless, unexpected sounds might be a cause for concern, especially

  • AC drain line clogged symptoms

    Most people never take a moment to appreciate their air conditioner. This is funny because our air conditioners are the only appliances that make the Florida weather bearable. Cooling your home is just one of the things that this wonderful machine does daily, it also helps you keep the humidity under control. You’re probably aware

  • HVAC duct sizing rule of thumb

    There are a lot of factors that play a role in the efficiency of your air conditioning system. You probably heard that the size of the unit itself should be the correct size for the space you are heating or cooling for the best efficiency. However, the size of the ducts also plays a crucial

  • AC fuses

    Many things could go wrong with your air conditioner system in the summer, however, the most common issue is blown AC fuses. Florida citizens might be familiar with this event which can only be described only as a living hell. In a perfect world, AC fuses going bad is a tiny inconvenience. But we don’t

  • HVAC transformer

    A modern air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery. It contains several sensitive components such as relays, switches, and controllers that ensure the entire system is working properly. These parts are quite sensitive so they operate at a lower voltage – 24 VAC. On the other hand, major system components, such as a

  • HVAC duct sizing rule of thumb

    An HVAC system is a complex piece of equipment. There are several parts that come into play to make the temperature in your home just right while also providing you with the best air quality possible. With that said, even if you purchase the best HVAC unit available it might get bottlenecked by some of

  • AC drain pipe replacement

    Most air conditioning units these days don’t require much tinkering. Yet, as your AC unit starts amassing some mileage (or is airage?), you might have to prepare yourself for your first AC drain pan replacement. We know it sounds scary, but if you’re a proud owner of a central air conditioning unit, replacing the drain

  • ac unit fuse

    Let us set the stage: it’s a hundred degrees outside and you’re sitting back enjoying the day. Suddenly, your AC stops working due to an AC unit fuse problem. Why does this always happen in the summer, when you need your air conditioning the most? The simple answer is that high temperatures are kryptonite for

  • Ice on air conditioner pipe outside

    The Southeastern United States is famous for its blistering-hot summers, which means you are going to heavily rely on your AC unit to keep you cool. But what do you do if you wake up one day and see ice on the air conditioner pipe outside? For your AC unit, summer is very demanding as

  • water dripping from AC vent

    Having leaks anywhere in your home is never a good sign. That also applies to seeing any water dripping from your AC vent.  Whatever the cause may be, it’s best to start immediately and find out what the issue is until it becomes a bigger problem than it already is.  Thankfully, when it comes to

  • tips on ac condenser installation

    Being handy is a vital skill for all homeowners. It helps save not only time and money but also makes you feel useful and productive around the house. Nevertheless, it is one thing to be DIY savvy and another to be stupid. The demarcation is a fine line that must be clearly understood and accepted

  • safety switch

    Day in and day out, the air conditioner works relentlessly to make our indoor space cool. Sometimes all the hard work leads to glitches or malfunctions, which necessitate resetting the AC. Fortunately, this is a task you can accomplish yourself and need no help. Although we understand that when you don’t know much about the

  • how much water should be in ac drip pan

    High temperatures alone don’t make for an uncomfortable indoor space. It is the addition of humidity that makes things unbearable. It makes one feel sweaty and clammy all the time, and there seems to be no respite from the heat. The good news is that when the AC is switched on, it helps get rid

  • reme halo air purifier

    The fact that indoor air quality is a matter of concern for the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is a shock to many people. They are of the mindset that polluted air exists outside their homes and offices and not inside. What they forget is that pollution or air contamination happens in many forms. Yes,

  • ac blowing hot air in your car

    Summer travels, and road trips under the hot sun are fun only inside a cool and comfortable car. Even a short trip to the office, a friend’s place, or a shopping spree becomes an ordeal with a broken car air conditioner. A logical first reaction when facing an issue is to curse the day. Since

  • air conditioning

    Florida is located in the southeastern United States. In the north, it is bordered by Georgia and Alabama, while the rest of the state is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico in the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Strait of Florida to the south. As a result, Florida enjoys a subtropical

  • HVAC unit service

    One critical piece of equipment that is used throughout the year is the HVAC system. The air conditioner runs throughout summers, and the furnace sees you through the cold season. In essence, as a complete unit, one or the other of its units runs continuously. Consequently, taking care of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air

  • air conditioning contractor

    Owning an air conditioner is bliss during summers. Nevertheless, you need a reliable air conditioning contractor to enjoy its long-term comforts. This person or company will take care of the little needs and even the more significant issues that may crop up in the system. It’s natural for air conditioners to ask for an annual

  • save energy money on air conditioning

    Most of us think the only way to lower power bills is by switching off the air conditioner. What if we were to tell you that you can cool your indoor space and avail power savings without any drastic steps? Wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise? Today, we give you 9 steps to save energy