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  • mini splits vs. garage heaters

    Mini Splits vs. Garage Heaters: What Should I Get for My Garage?

    The garage in our homes is mainly used for parking the car and storing extra stuff. As it happens, it also has other uses which most of us overlook. It is the one place where all our creative ideas and hobbies come to fruition. Have you ever thought about why all your extra activities begin

  • Common Mini-Split

    7 Common Mini-Split Troubles and How to Fix Them

    When space is an issue, mini-split systems come to the rescue. They are compact, efficient, and work noiselessly, all the while making indoors a comfortable haven. Nonetheless, like every other machine that works for long hours, these, too, have the tendency to throw a tantrum from time to time.

  • heating and cooling system

    Average Costs to Replace a Heat Pump

    Every heating and cooling system has a limited life expectancy. Continuing to use them beyond that time is possible, but their maintenance becomes a heavy expenditure. They demand more and more with each passing year, until one day the realization hits

  • Heat Pump

    3 Approaches to Make Your Heat Pump Quieter

    Loud and jarring sounds can be both distracting and irritating, and when your heat pump makes them, you can only groan in frustration. It is not possible to ignore these sounds, and living with them is not a feasible option. Above all, the heat pump sounds are a sign of trouble because these revolutionary heating and cooling systems are made for silent performance.

  • Smart Thermostat

    I Want a Smart Thermostat but Don’t Have a C Wire – Now What?

    Homes with a central heating and cooling system or an HVAC system understand the pain of paying hefty energy bills. A significant part of the bill is thanks to the temperature controlling unit, but that does not mean such households have to resign themselves to paying big money for additional power consumption.

  • Thermostat

    Why Your Nest Thermostat Isn’t Working and How to Fix It?

    Amongst the smart thermostats, Nest is the most popular and for obvious reasons. It learns the household’s schedules and preferences to create an even better and more energy-efficient program. Additionally, with the help of a good wifi connection at home and on your phone, you can control the indoor temperature settings from anywhere.

  • nest smart thermostat

    How to Figure Out if Your HVAC System is Compatible with a Nest Smart Thermostat?

    Most of us live in homes where the indoor temperature is controlled by the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. These homes also tend to pay high energy bills, of which the significant share belongs to the heating and cooling system.

  • Smart Thermostat

    How You Can Get a Smart Thermostat for (Almost) Free?

    Programmable thermostats are fast replacing the traditional manual thermostats. Even amongst them, smart thermostats are increasingly becoming the popular choice of the masses. Nowadays, everybody desires complete control over things, even remotely.

  • Heat Pump

    6 Common Heat Pump Smells Explained

    It is not normal for a home to have weird smells, especially when it has air conditioning and heating. An offensive odor that you can smell throughout the house is a sign of trouble. The good news is that these odors are quite distinctive

  • HVAC System

    Why You Need a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HVAC System?

    Keeping tabs on when the HVAC system maintenance is due becomes difficult in our busy schedules. Often there are so many other pressing matters that it takes a backseat until we realize one day that we forgot all about it completely.

  • HVAC Units

    5 Important Benefits of Ductless HVAC Units

    The heating and cooling systems industry or the HVAC industry has seen a radical change in technology. There was a time when only ducted systems ruled the markets, but now, the demand has shifted to ductless systems.

  • AC temperature

    What Is the Ideal Temperature for My AC?

    When the outdoor temperature starts soaring, it’s time to turn on the AC. The biggest question now is - “What temperature setting to use?” Your indoor comfort depends on what setting you have configured on your thermostat. The power consumption and consequently the monthly energy bills also depend on the same.

  • UV Light Air Purifier

    How Do UV Light Air Purifiers Work?

    People are increasingly becoming aware that indoor air is very polluted. So much so that even the EPA considers it a thing of concern. Due to poor indoor air quality, one tends to fall ill more often when one stays indoors. This is also referred to as the Sick Building Syndrome.

  • HVAC commissioning

    HVAC Commissioning: What Is It & Why Is It Necessary

    Buying a new HVAC system is a cost heavy investment. One that we all want to make the most of. Therefore, its installation takes precedence over everything else. After all, it is a matter of indoor comfort for all the occupants of the building or the residence.

  • Ductwork Materials

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Ductwork Materials

    An essential part of every ducted heating and cooling system is the ductwork itself. Most of us don’t bother with it because it is hidden behind the walls, under the floor, or inside the ceiling. Nevertheless, just because we can’t see

  • HVAC Maintenance

    Just In for Fall: HVAC Maintenance Tips

    Fall is the season for change - the weather transitions from hot to cool, forcing you to adapt and embrace the shift. You will be gearing up to pack the summer clothes and be ready with the winter woolens to ward off the approaching chill.

  • heater

    Love Your Heater? Make Sure It Is Taken Care Of

    Once again, that time of the year is fast approaching when your heater will get back into action to provide the much-needed warmth. Even if you use your AC more often, you cannot forget about the heater because sooner or later, you are bound to feel its need.

  • ac installation

    Don’t Attempt AC Installations By Yourself

    It is a universal truth that you can cut costs by doing things yourself, which is why DIY activities are so popular. There is yet another universal truth, and that is, everything is not a DIY activity. Some things require specialized knowledge. Until you train in them specifically, you can’t learn them overnight. AC installations

  • thermostat causing your cooling trouble

    Is The Thermostat Causing Your Cooling Trouble?

    Often when something is wrong with the heating and cooling system, we jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with the unit itself. We fail to take into consideration the core fact that the unit depends on the thermostat for inputs.

  • heat pump

    Is A Heat Pump A Match For Your Home?

    The dilemma of Floridians is such that their air conditioners will work more than their furnace. The truth is their ACs need to be highly efficient because of the effects of heat and humidity they’ll be required to neutralize. So, it makes no sense to invest in a heating system meant for hardcore performance and