• air conditioning unit

    Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

    Forgoing AC maintenance has long been a point of contention between homeowners and HVAC contractors. As long as the maintenance is free and does not cost a penny, its need is strictly followed by the house owner.

  • Air Cleaners

    How Do Air Cleaners Work?

    The US EPA or the United States Environment Protection Agency has time and again warned people about the ill effects of poor indoor air quality. Even then, most continue to ignore it, while some have finally accepted that more needs to be done to make the indoor space hygienic.

  • active hurricane season

    Will 2021 Be An Active Hurricane Season?

    In the last five years alone, the hurricanes that have hit the US have taken everyone by surprise. Nobody was prepared for the scale and intensity of them. They exceeded the all-time average, wrought extensive damage to infrastructure and property, and took many lives. Now that the 2021 hurricane season is approaching, people worry about

  • air conditioner

    What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Goes Out?

    Most of us prefer the cool interiors when the sun is blazing in all its glory. At this time, venturing outdoors does not sound appealing at all. Cool indoor environment, a cold drink in hand, and Netflix to occupy time…that’s the dream situation. Nevertheless, sometimes even the best-laid plans get thrown out of the window.

  • ductwork

    How to Heat and Cool a New Addition on Your Home That Doesn’t Include Ductwork?

    When you buy or build a new house, you plan it down to the last detail. In the beginning, you are happy, but as the years pass by, your needs will grow or change. It may call for some alterations or upgrades in the house. You may add a new room or enlarge an existing

  • air conditioning season

    4 Tips to Prepare for Air Conditioning Season

    When the summers come, there is one thing that we all dread, and that is the breakdown of AC. Nevertheless, if you timely prepare your AC for the summer season, there is nothing to fret over. Barring any minor trouble, the air conditioner should see you through even the hottest of days with relative ease.

  • Air Purifiers vs. UV Lights

    Air Purifiers vs. UV Lights: What’s Best for My Home?

    There was a time almost two years back when indoor air quality was not considered too big a deal by the homeowners, even though HVAC contractors stress its importance time and again. The US EPA also warns against its deterioration. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and contagiousness are now forcing the homeowners to rethink.  There are

  • air conditioning won’t cool

    AC Won’t Cool? Here’s Why?

    Summers in Florida mean high temperatures and high humidity. The last thing you need is an AC that won’t cool. Sleepless nights and sweltering afternoons are not a thing to look forward to. It will throw all your plans to relax indoors out of the window. Have you ever stopped to think about why your

  • AC Maintenance

    Did You Skip AC Maintenance?

    This year did you skip your AC maintenance? Do be honest, as we are not here to judge you. Instead, we intend to help you understand the gravity of your mistake. You are not alone in skipping the tune-up schedule. There are many more in the same boat. We understand the main reason you decided

  • thermostat upgrade

    Is It Time for a Thermostat Upgrade?

    A thermostat is the communication device between you and your HVAC system. The temperature you desire indoors is keyed into the thermostat, and it conveys the same to the heating and cooling system. Based on this input, your unit heats or cools the house to your specific requirement.

  • air filters & your allergies

    Air Filters & Your Allergies: Quick Facts You Should Know

    Most people ignore the importance of regularly changing the air filters. Sometimes they do it to save a few bucks, and other times it is out of sheer ignorance. No matter the precise reason, this little mistake is bound to make you feel sorry sooner rather than later.

  • HVAC Maintenance

    Debunking Popular Myths About HVAC Maintenance

    The thing about HVAC systems is that it does not matter whether one is trained in the field or not. Just because someone owns a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit, they consider themselves an expert on the subject matter.

  • Air conditioner service

    3 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC

    When the weather turns hot, air conditioners are every home’s lifeline. Living without them is not just unheard of but also unthinkable. Yet, more often than not, our mistakes land us in soup. The air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery consisting of several components. The faster we understand that it is not something

  • air conditioner is not turning on

    My Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

    An air conditioner is a complex machine, and like every machine, it too is liable to develop faults and malfunction. The good news is that modern-day ACs are built for performance and durability, provided you take reasonable care. In warm weather, the dependency on AC increases dramatically. At this time, if the cooling system does

  • Dehumidifier

    Would You Benefit From a Dehumidifier?

    In summers, the main reason behind the discomfort is the continuous sweaty feeling even while indoors. It happens because of high humidity. When the humidity is excessive, it prevents the sweat that forms on the skin from evaporating, leaving one feeling unsettled and irritated.

  • AC repair

    Ways You Can Help Minimize Repair Needs For Your AC

    The hot summer season increases our dependency on the air conditioner. Everybody wants to stay cool, and no compromise is acceptable. The cooling unit runs incessantly, which leads to frequent breakdowns. Consequently, the need for repairs also increases.

  • AC breaks

    Quickly Cool Your House If Your AC Breaks

    A majority of us have faced hot summer days when the AC broke down. There seemed to be nothing that you could do to keep yourself and your house cool until the technician arrived and repaired the cooling system. What if we were to tell you there are ways to keep yourself and your house

  • Air Conditioner

    How Much BTU do I Need for an Air Conditioner?

    Buying an AC is not a simple decision. Firstly, because it is an expensive investment, and secondly, the comfort of your indoor space relies heavily on it. You have to consider some mathematical values, such as the MERV rating of the proposed air filters, the SEER value of the cooling unit, and BTU. Though people

  • AC during the summer

    What Temperature Should I Set My AC During the Summer?

    When summers are at their peak, the utility bills skyrocket, and we blame the air conditioner for it. To some extent, what you think is correct but not entirely. One needs to strike the right balance between comfort and not making the AC work overtime and under pressure.

  • Prepare for Summer

    How to Prepare Your Home for Summer?

    In summers, one rarely ever feels like doing anything apart from lazing in the cool and comfortable indoors. It is probably why getting your home ready for summer in advance is a good idea. After the harsh winter season, many things need to be checked and cleaned.