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  • Air Purifier

    Which Air Purifier Is Best For Your Home: The Guardian V Reme Halo?

    We all have the right to breathe clean air. Sadly, it can’t be guaranteed outdoors and all because of our environmentally unfriendly activities. Nevertheless, indoors is an entirely different story. As homeowners and building owners, we can undertake concrete steps to ensure good indoor air quality. One of those revolutionary steps is the Air Purifier.

  • AC broke down

    My AC Broke Down! What Do I Do?

    When the AC breaks down on a hot summer day, it feels as if all hell has broken loose. But the truth is far from what our overactive imagination makes us believe. While still in the throes of a panicky knee-jerk reaction, reign in the horses, for it will not settle the problem.

  • AC Repair

    Don’t Ignore These Potential End-of-Season AC Repair Needs

    The end of any season is a time for a change. The change not only happens on the weather front but also for your indoor comfort. Transitioning from winters to summers and vice-versa will bring forth a need to use appliances that have hitherto remained unused for long.

  • HVAC system

    4 Ways To Protect Your HVAC System During Home Renovations

    At some point or the other, we become dissatisfied with the way our home looks and think of making changes. Sometimes the changes are small and require moving around things to give the space a new character, while at others, nothing less than a home remodeling or renovation will do.

  • AC drip pan

    Why Is My AC Drip Pan Full Of Water?

    All air conditioners produce condensate as a part of the cooling process. Usually, it collects in the AC drip pan from where it drains out via a drainpipe. Nevertheless, sometimes the condensate is unable to drain, resulting in stale and stagnant standing water. If the amount of collected condensate in the drip pan or drip

  • maintain your air conditioner

    How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner When You Have Pets?

    Pets are not just your best friends but also the greatest stress buster. Today, when COVID has made people cautious and wry of each other, your pets come to the rescue. They love you unconditionally, and passing the time with them is no ordeal. Yes, pets require care and add to your cleaning bills and

  • common residential air conditioning issues

    Avoid These Common Residential Air Conditioning Issues

    The only thing one needs during summers is to stay cool. The need for it is so high that we only go to those places that have air conditioning. Even at home, it runs full blast. But alas, they are machines, and hence, from time to time, they might act up. It is just their

  • what is ventilation

    What Is Ventilation: How Does It Impact Your HVAC Comfort?

    HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, with ventilation being a crucial part of the package. But all we see and hear is just heating and air conditioning. Not many of us are even aware of what “Ventilation” does. Our ignorance, however, does not make it any less important. Therefore today, we aim to

  • portable air conditioners

    Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth It?

    We hear of HVAC systems and central heating and cooling systems so often that doubts are bound to occur when it comes to portable air conditioners. The lack of knowledge in their respect is the major culprit behind the doubts. Also, we tend to go on hearsay without verifying the facts. So the belief in

  • air conditioning

    Is Your Air Conditioning Affecting Your Skin?

    If you have spent any time with your grandparents, you will notice how much they advocate letting fresh air and reducing the dependency on the AC. Their advice may sound harsh, especially when the temperatures outside are climbing, but your skin is going to be thankful, even more so, if you follow the advice. Wondering

  • furniture affects HVAC

    How Does Furniture Affect Your HVAC?

    In any house, building, or commercial structure, furniture is a given. And so is the heating and cooling system. One rarely ever pays any attention to the presence of the different pieces of furniture and their impact on heating and cooling.

  • heating and cooling costs

    How to Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs?

    The heating and cooling bill of your home does not always have to be high. Judicious use of the HVAC system can reduce it drastically. If you notice, the keyword here is “Judicious,” the definition of which varies from person to person.

  • air duct cleaner

    Easy Ways to Remove Air Duct Odors from Your AC Vents

    Foul odors permeating the house can make even the brightest of days unpleasant. Even the best of moods will take a nosedive. Sometimes, the odor becomes so overpowering that one may feel either they can live in the house or the odor, both cannot coexist. Most of these repulsive smells originate from the AC ducts. 

  • heating and cooling load

    Heating and Cooling Loads: Learn the Fundamentals

    Often you will hear HVAC professionals talking about heating and cooling loads. A layman with no prior knowledge of the heating and cooling equipment finds it hard to follow any such conversation. Here, the communication gap is nobody’s fault. The contractor’s only excuse is that they talk in this jargon day in and day out.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    The Top Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the priorities in life. Earlier, life was all about working hard and playing hard. It’s now about working hard and staying safe. Social distancing, continuous hand washing, and wearing masks have become the new reality for the past two years.  Viruses, including the coronavirus, spreads through respiratory droplets that spread

  • dehumidifier

    Should You Run a Dehumidifier This Summer?

    As the summer rolls in, the temperature soars, and keeping cool becomes a priority. Most of us prefer staying indoors. Yet, sometimes the cool comforts of the indoors seem lacking. It is not because the cooling system is not working properly.

  • replace air filter

    Why Air Filters Need To Be Routinely Replaced?

    Indoor air quality is a prime concern these days. Today, people don’t believe in opening doors and windows to let in the fresh air as it lets in dust, dirt, pollen, and sometimes even unwanted visitors like insects and critters.

  • dirty evaporator coils in AC systems

    The Problem of Dirty Evaporator Coils in AC Systems

    An essential component of any air conditioning system is the evaporator coil. It is this unique component that cools the air which comes in contact with it. But, most homeowners are not aware of this little detail.

  • ductless mini-split ac

    Where Can Homeowners Install a Ductless Mini-Split AC?

    Mini-split systems are the latest rage. Why? Because they don’t require additional expense in terms of installing expensive ductwork. If your house has no ductwork, there’s nothing to worry about. A mini-split system will do the job beautifully.  A critical thing about a ductless system is its location. If you choose the wrong place to

  • heat pump issues

    4 Common Heat Pump Issues & How to Troubleshoot Them

    Heat pumps are a modern-day wonder that provides cost-effective and green heating and cooling. Those of us who are conscious of our environmental responsibility now have a viable option to heat and cool our homes in an environmentally friendly manner. Like all appliances, heat pumps may act up from time to time. This does not