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  • air conditioner is not turning on

    My Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

    An air conditioner is a complex machine, and like every machine, it too is liable to develop faults and malfunction. The good news is that modern-day ACs are built for performance and durability, provided you take reasonable care. In warm weather, the dependency on AC increases dramatically. At this time, if the cooling system does

  • Dehumidifier

    Would You Benefit From a Dehumidifier?

    In summers, the main reason behind the discomfort is the continuous sweaty feeling even while indoors. It happens because of high humidity. When the humidity is excessive, it prevents the sweat that forms on the skin from evaporating, leaving one feeling unsettled and irritated.

  • AC repair

    Ways You Can Help Minimize Repair Needs For Your AC

    The hot summer season increases our dependency on the air conditioner. Everybody wants to stay cool, and no compromise is acceptable. The cooling unit runs incessantly, which leads to frequent breakdowns. Consequently, the need for repairs also increases.

  • AC breaks

    Quickly Cool Your House If Your AC Breaks

    A majority of us have faced hot summer days when the AC broke down. There seemed to be nothing that you could do to keep yourself and your house cool until the technician arrived and repaired the cooling system. What if we were to tell you there are ways to keep yourself and your house

  • Air Conditioner

    How Much BTU do I Need for an Air Conditioner?

    Buying an AC is not a simple decision. Firstly, because it is an expensive investment, and secondly, the comfort of your indoor space relies heavily on it. You have to consider some mathematical values, such as the MERV rating of the proposed air filters, the SEER value of the cooling unit, and BTU. Though people

  • AC during the summer

    What Temperature Should I Set My AC During the Summer?

    When summers are at their peak, the utility bills skyrocket, and we blame the air conditioner for it. To some extent, what you think is correct but not entirely. One needs to strike the right balance between comfort and not making the AC work overtime and under pressure.

  • Prepare for Summer

    How to Prepare Your Home for Summer?

    In summers, one rarely ever feels like doing anything apart from lazing in the cool and comfortable indoors. It is probably why getting your home ready for summer in advance is a good idea. After the harsh winter season, many things need to be checked and cleaned.

  • AC Tune Up

    What’s Included in an AC Tune-Up from Aztil Air Conditioning?

    Knowing beforehand exactly what will happen when the HVAC technician comes for the AC tune-up is always beneficial. Since your AC is an expensive investment, you naturally want no stone left unturned during its maintenance. After all, that is the best and surest way of ensuring problem-free operations throughout the season. Annual AC tune-up is

  • duct sealing services

    Reasons for Duct Sealing Services

    One of the most significant reasons behind any residential or commercial building not cooling properly is leaking ductwork. It happens to be a source of significant energy loss, which puts tremendous pressure on the heating and cooling equipment rendering it vulnerable to faults, breakdowns, and malfunctions. It is precisely to counter these ill-effects that availing

  • AC not cooling

    What Should I Check When My AC Is Not Cooling?

    On a hot summer day, right when you want to unwind and relax in the confines of your home, you feel hot, bothered, and sweaty. Suddenly you realize that your AC is running, but there’s no joy when it comes to cooling.

  • Leaking Air Ducts

    How Do You Tell If Your Air Ducts Are Leaking?

    During summers, staying cool is at the top of everybody’s agenda, and for that, one relies quite heavily on the home’s or office’s cooling system. Yet, there are times when you feel that the cooling is lacking and is not the same as before. But before you go blaming the air conditioner, it would be

  • Radiant Barrier

    What is a Radiant Barrier and How Will It Keep My Home Cool?

    On hot summer days, especially during the peak of the season, there are times when you wish your home would just reflect heat and send it back to wherever it came from. Don’t be too surprised when we tell you that it is actually possible.

  • AC repairs

    Signs You Need To Schedule AC Repairs

    When you live in Florida, you need a cooling system that can work long hours despite the sweltering heat and humidity. In short, you need a reliable air conditioner. The main question is whether your existing AC is up to the task or not?

  • new AC system

    Is It Time For A New AC System?

    Any decision involving significant movement of cash cannot be taken on the spur of the moment. Buying a new air conditioner falls in the same category. The good thing with AC is that it won’t go belly up on you one fine day.

  • Air Conditioner

    Why Your Air Conditioner Has Frozen and How to Manage It?

    Every summer, your air conditioner works long hours to keep your home or office at a comfortably cool temperature. The last thing at such times you would expect to see on or within the AC is ice. Now, had it been the winter season, you would have conveniently blamed the frigid weather for the occurrence.

  • HVAC Equipment

    Should I Repair Or Replace My HVAC Equipment

    A question going through the minds of many people this summer is - “Should I repair or replace my HVAC equipment?” On its own, one may think that to be a very inconsequential decision

  • Duct cleaning

    Is Something Growing In Your Ducts?

    If you live in a hot and humid climate, you would have often noticed a white or black powder-like substance growing inside wardrobes and cabinets. Similarly, if you don’t clean the refrigerator, you would encounter the same growth in and around surfaces where moisture gathers. This growth is mold and mildew. Both are things of

  • AC Selection

    What Questions You Need To Ask When Selecting An AC?

    The air conditioner is your lifeline in summers. Places, especially like Florida, which predominantly has a hot and wet climate, see extensive wear and tear of air conditioners. Despite routine maintenance, there will come a time when replacing your old AC becomes necessary.

  • Air Conditioner Maintenance

    5 Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Now that summers are here, and many of us are planning to be wise and stay indoors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is only smart to worry about the health of the air conditioner. The time that you spend indoors and how comfortable it is depends wholly and solely on the AC.

  • Duct Cleaning

    Can Duct Cleaning Improve Home Comfort?

    Do you have a ducted heating and cooling system in your home? If yes, when was the last time you got it cleaned? Never...because this is the first time you are hearing that they require cleaning. Some of you even think of it as a wastage of money.